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Baking Oven

Oven can be used for water drying or paint baking or powder curing.
For water drying normally oven inside temp is set to 110oC.
For paint baking normally oven inside temp set in between 120 to 140oC.
or powder curing normally oven inside temp set in between 180 to 220oC.

Working - Air passes over hot heat exchanger (tube & shell type) & gets heated. Hot air is supplied thro’ duct & flow can be adjusted by adjusting dampers. Dampers are fitted in oven at bottom thro’ out the length sidewise. Hot air already supplied in oven, recalculates thro’ suction duct to heater box. So the time required to heat-up recirculated air is less than heating fresh air.

Type of Fuels used:
LPG / LNG / PNG, HSD, IR, Electricity.

Batch Type Baking Oven IR Baking Oven
LPG Fire Baking Oven LPG Fire Baking Oven

Construction of Baking Oven

Cassettes Cassettes are constructed out of MS CRCA/GI 1.2mm sheets bolted type. Each cassette has a angle frame on the ends to accommodate and support resin bonded glass wool mattress filled inside it. All the cassettes are assembled to gather by nut & bolts. To make the joints leak proof high temperature sealing compound is inserted in them.

Outer Angle FrameOuter angle frame is a fabricated frame which supports the oven. It is made out of 5mm hr sheets. The outer angle frame makes the outer shell of the oven in which all the cassettes are bolted or screwed.

Inspection Door PanelThis panel is fitted on the sides of the heater box in such a way to have a opening for the cleaner to go in if need be this panel is fitted with a removable maintenance door.

Blower Cassette This cassette houses the blowers its cone etc. This cassette is ribbed with 3mm stiffeners to sustain the vibrations of the blower.

Burner CassetteThis cassette has a opening for the burner. Over which the burner mounting plate is fixed. This cassette is a bolted type of cassette which can be removed to remove the heat exchanger out of the heater box.

Heat Exchanger Type - TUBE & SHELL. It is made out of SS 304 with its passes in SS seamless tubes and seamless ms pipes. Burner is fired in the heat exchanger and it acts as a heat transferring medium to the entire oven.

Blower It is fitted on the sides of the oven they are indirect drive with motor mounted on the top. The blowers are belt driven with motors controlled by control panel. Blowers circulate air inside the oven to achieve proper temperature distribution all over.

Delivery DuctAir distribution duct is installed to generate equal heat distribution & velocity in oven (adjustable blinds).

HSD storage tank is placed near to oven to supply diesel at burner point.

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Baking Oven

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